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  MADIS Applications Program Interface

MADIS Applications Program Interface


The MADIS Application Program Interface (API) is a library of subroutines, callable from Fortran, which provides access to all of the observation and quality control (QC) information in the MADIS database (referred to as the "FSL database" in the API documentation), and/or other supported meteorological databases (i.e., the NWS AWIPS netCDF database). In general, the API is very easy use to with only three basic subroutine calls required to access any single dataset. Optional subroutine calls serve to further refine or limit the information provided by the basic routines.

For users who do not want to write Fortran programs, but would like easy access to the MADIS or AWIPS data, utility programs for each dataset are included in the API package. These programs can be used to read station information, observations, and QC information for a single time, and dump these to an output text file. The operation of each program is controlled by a text parameter file that allows the user to exercise all of the options included in the MADIS system. The programs can be run as needed to access any MADIS or AWIPS data stored on the user's system, or can be run as a time-scheduled task to get data keyed to the current time.

The utility programs (written in Fortran) are also meant to serve as tutorials that demonstrate how users can use the MADIS API calls to write their own Fortran programs. An additional tutorial program is included that demonstrates how all datasets might be read in together for use in an hourly data assimilation cycle.


Software Download

The current version release is 4.5, Feb 25, 2022.

Archive Script Package

We offer a script package for users who want to process a lot of MADIS data (e.g., weeks-to-years). These scripts can be used to:

Users who don't want to use the MADIS API can still use the ftp script to download the data.

Download the proper script package for your system:

Curent version 1.5 a Unix/Linux using wget. Contact if you need windows versions