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  MADIS API Documentation

MADIS API Documentation

The documentation included in the MADIS API software package can be updated outside of the package's version release cycle. The most current documentation can always be obtained from the links on this page. The following table provides an index of links to the files in the MADIS API doc directory. Dates are shown for files that have been changed since the current version release.


INSTALL.unix How to install for Unix or LinuxChanged: How to install for WindowsChanged: 04/02/08
README General package descriptionChanged:
README.doc_directory Explanation of doc directory files and Web updatesChanged:
RELEASE_NOTES Chronology of changes for all versionsChanged:
errors.txt Error codes, messages, corrective actionChanged:
hydro_providers.txt Hydro data providers available from MADISChanged:
map_providers.txt Multi-agency profiler providers available from MADISChanged:
rdmtr_providers.txt Radiometer data providers available from MADISChanged:
satrad_providers.txt Satellite radiance providers available from MADISChanged:
satsnd_providers.txt Satellite sounding providers available from MADISChanged:
satwnd_providers.txt Satellite wind providers available from MADISChanged:
snow_providers.txt Snow providers available from MADISChanged:
sfc_providers.txt Sfc data providers available from MADISChanged:

Utility Programs

acarsdump_usage.txt The *usage.txt files describe how to run eachChanged:
acarspdump_usage.txt dump utility, how to set up the parameter files, Changed:
hydrodump_usage.txt etc.Changed:
mapdump_usage.txt Changed:
npndump_usage.txt Changed:
raobdump_usage.txt Changed:
rdmtrdump_usage.txt Changed:
satraddump_usage.txt Changed:
satsnddump_usage.txt Changed:
satwnddump_usage.txt Changed:
snowdump_usage.txt Changed:
sfcdump_usage.txt Changed:
wisdomdump_usage.txt Changed:
acarsdump.par Sample parameter files for each dump utility,Changed:
acarspdump.par these will dump all variables with defaultChanged:
hydrodump.par settings on all options.Changed:
mapdump.par Changed:
npndump.par Changed:
raobdump.par Changed:
rdmtrdump.par Changed:
satraddump.par Changed:
satsnddump.par Changed:
satwnddump.par Changed:
snowdump.par Changed:
sfcdump.par Changed:
wisdomdump.par Changed:
hydrodump1.par Sample hydrodump.par - specific-provider option.Changed:
mapdump1.par Sample mapdump.par - tabular output.Changed:
mapdump2.par Sample mapdump.par - specific-provider option.Changed:
npndump1.par Sample npndump.par - tabular output. Changed:
raobdump1.par Sample raobdump.par - tabular output.Changed:
rdmtrdump1.par Sample rdmtrdump.par - tabular output.Changed:
rdmtrdump2.par Sample rdmtrdump.par - specific-provider option.Changed:
satraddump1.par Sample satraddump.par file - specific-provider option.Changed:
satsnddump1.par Sample satsnddump.par file - specific-provider option.Changed:
satwnddump1.par Sample satwnddump.par file - specific-provider option.Changed:
snowdump1.par Sample snowdump.par file - specific-provider option.Changed:
sfcdump1.par Sample sfcdump.par file - mesonet-only variables.Changed:
sfcdump2.par Sample sfcdump.par file - specific-provider option.Changed:


acars_variable_list.txt The *variable_list.txt files list all variablesChanged:
acarsp_variable_list.txt available for each dataset, along with their Changed:
hydro_variable_list.txt MADIS variable code names, units, and Changed:
map_variable_list.txt explanatory notes.Changed: 09/24/09
npn_variable_list.txt Changed:
raob_variable_list.txt Changed:
rdmtr_variable_list.txt Changed:
satrad_variable_list.txt Changed:
satsnd_variable_list.txt Changed:
satwnd_variable_list.txt Changed:
sfc_coop_variable_list.txt Changed:
sfc_crn_variable_list.txt Changed:
sfc_hcn_variable_list.txt Changed:
sfc_OMO_variable_list.txt Changed:
sfc_maritime_variable_list.txt Changed:
sfc_mesonet_variable_list.txt Changed:
sfc_metar_variable_list.txt Changed:
sfc_nepp_variable_list.txt Changed:
sfc_sao_variable_list.txt Changed:
sfc_urbanet_variable_list.txt Changed:
snow_variable_list.txt Changed:
wisdom_variable_list.txt Changed:

QC Information

qc_info.txt Description of the QC info that's available.Changed: 02/16/07
acars_qc_variable_list.txt The *qc_variable_list.txt files list the QCChanged:
acarsp_qc_variable_list.txt checks applied to the variables for each Changed:
hydro_qc_variable_list.txt dataset.Changed:
map_qc_variable_list.txt Changed: 04/17/07
npn_qc_variable_list.txt Changed:
raob_qc_variable_list.txt Changed:
rdmtr_qc_variable_list.txt Changed:
satsnd_qc_variable_list.txt Changed:
satwnd_qc_variable_list.txt Changed:
snow_qc_variable_list.txt Changed:
sfc_qc_variable_list.txt Changed: 02/16/07

Programmer Documentation

subroutine_list.txt List of MADIS routines.Changed:
msetdom.txt Description of user-callable subroutines thatChanged:
msetwin.txt aren't demonstrated in the *dump programs.Changed:
time_routines.txt Changed:

Last updated 16 March 2017