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MADIS Meteorological Surface Text/XML Viewer

Time Selection

Nominal time in GMT (YYYYMMDD_HHMM or enter 0 for current time)

Station Selection

Get stations within state's box Get stations within latitude/longitude corners One Station Get all stations
(State) (SW corner latitude - south)
(SW corner longitude - west)
(NE corner latitude - north)
(NE corner longitude - east)
(Site ID e.g. KDEN)

Provider Selection

All providers Select providers groups and/or mesonets

Variable Selection

Standard surface variables (TD,RH,T,DD,FF,FFGUST,ALTSE) Select variables

Quality Control Selection

MADIS QC RWIS QC (Only RWIS sites displayed)

Output Selection

Text XML CSV (No QC) CSV (QC desc) CSV (QC full) CSV (QC desc with header line) Text with U.S. customary system units

For CSV missing value use -99999.000000 blanks

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Last updated 27 Sep 18.
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