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  MADIS Tutorial Fortran Programs

MADIS Tutorial Fortran Programs

Here's the source code for the MADIS tutorial Fortran programs. There's one program per dataset, that shows how to use all of the options for that dataset. The madis_ingest.f program is an additional tutorial to demonstrate how all datasets might be read in together for use in an hourly data assimilation cycle.

Tutorial Subject Tutorial Program
Meteorological Surface Dataset sfcdump.f
Radiosonde Dataset raobdump.f
NOAA Profiler Network Dataset npndump.f
Aircraft-Based Dataset
    Aircraft-Based Reports
    Profiles at Airports

Hydrological Surface Dataset hydrodump.f
Multi-Agency Profiler Dataset mapdump.f
Radiometer Dataset rdmtrdump.f
Satellite Radiance Dataset satraddump.f
Satellite Sounding Dataset satsnddump.f
Satellite Wind Dataset satwnddump.f
Snow Dataset snowdump.f
WISDOM Balloon Wind Dataset wisdomdump.f
Data Assimilation Ingest madis_ingest.f

Last updated 16 March 2017