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  MADIS Sample Data

MADIS Sample Data

Thirteen hours of data files are available for all of the publicly-available datasets. These are made available for anyone who wants to download the software and some data, then try out the system before requesting real-time or archived data from MADIS. The files have been "gzipped" to save on download time. For all 13 hours and datasets, the gzipped total is 141 MB, and after unzipping them on your system, they take up 1.7 GB, so you might only want to get one or two hours, or just the dataset of interest.

The data can be obtained via http at Go to the following directories and get the files of interest. The data cover 00 Z on September 3, 2009 through 12 Z on that day, and the data files are named 20090903_hhmm.gz (hhmm = hour, minute). The files should be placed into MADIS data directories on your system (see the section on setting up the run environment in the INSTALL.unix or file), then unzipped using the gunzip (or gzip -d) command (for Unix/Linux) or for Windows users, use any standard unzipping utility.

MADIS Dataset Directory
Meteorological Surface

Meteorological Surface
(mesonet only)
NOAA Profiler Network
(Aircraft-Based Reports)
(Profiles at Airports)
Hydrological Surface
Multi-Agency Profiler
Satellite Radiance
Satellite Sounding
Satellite Wind
(GOES operational products)
Satellite Wind
(GOES experimental products)

Last updated 16 March 2017